DIY – dried flowers

Because so many of you were asking me on Instagram h o w I dry my flowers, I decided to answer you here on my blog.

Of course there are a lot of possible ways to dry flowers. Today I would like to show you one method I use sometimes. This is the so called “microwave-method”.

I prefer the natural way to dry my flowers. But flowers are different and so the result too. Each flower might need another method to keep its beauty even if it is not fresh anymore.


Here on the picture you can see the natural dried flowers (on the right) and the microwave dried (on the left).


So let’s start!

All you need is:

  • white paper
  • flowers
  • microwave
  • heavy ceramic bowl/plate

Please put your flowers on the white paper and fold the paper the way is shown in the pictures below. Then put the folded paper in the microwave. Don’t forget to put the bowl on it.

Start with 30 seconds and look at the result. Maybe they are already well dried, if not continue again and let them stay in the microwave for another 20-30 seconds. Each flower needs its own time in the microwave. You will see that soon you will get a feeling of how long you should let them stay in the microwave.


Et voilà, the result


You don’t need to fold the paper and put the bowl on it, if you prefer to let them dry more wild.

Here are some other examples:



Wishing you a lot of fun with your flowers,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire