Hi there! This is me, Arminka, the founder of Petit Sourire and the person behind this blog, all these pictures, stylings and DIY-ideas.

There is a news I would like to share with you /and no, I am not pregnant :-)/. But first of all I would like to THANK you for all those years you have shared here with me. MERCi!

Most of you maybe know that my heart beats for psychology, design and photography. So I was thinking how I can combine all this on my blog, because actually this is what I am and what I love.

As an interior stylist and photographer I am interested in beautiful objects and design, for sure! As a psychologist I am interested in finding out who are the makers, designers and founders behind the lovely products and the history of the company.

This motivates me to create a new Series for my Blog  “Design Portrait by Petit Sourire”. Here I am going to show you my favourite Labels, Designers, Illustrators, Shops… the way I see them, through my camera, my investigation and my interviews.

I am so happy to announce that my first Design Portrait will be published very soon at the beginning of December. So please keep in touch not to miss it.



Wishing you a beautiful day,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire