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Hübsch – where happiness lives


During last months I was lucky to look behind the scenes by Hübsch Interior. I am so impressed by the positiv company culture and their team spirit. In my opinion all these values reflect in the beautiful products of Hübsch Interior.

Hübsch is based on a family culture, where is important to care for these values, no matter of the company size. They are all passionate about what they do, so the whole team enjoy to live up to these values every single day.


Personally I love nice traditions and this company has many of them. While the Hübsch family is growing, they always welcome new colleagues with a breakfast, where they get to meet everyone, because they believe it is a good way of entering the Hübsch family and to make the new colleagues feel welcome. Such a great idea!

“We want to invest in our employees as they are the heart of the company, and in this way, our employees can grow personally and as a team.” Daniel Henriksen


At Hübsch, they believe that a creative mind deserves creative surroundings. During the last 8 years, they have stayed in rented office buildings. But the company is growing and the Hübsch family is expanding. “We are happy we have moved into the new and inspiring headquarters. And most important – the culture moved with us.”


“At Hübsch we are blessed to have dedicated employees, who strive to make a difference every day. Therefore in collaboration with Shining Eyes, we began a long-term culture course. The aim was to provide our employees with personal as well as professional skills to help them grow personally and to help us grow as a team. On this journey, we have had many amazing experiences, not least a trip to Greenland.
Not only did we get a lot of amazing experiences with each other, but we also got completely new surroundings in our new headquarters with a new domicile, with a stunning showroom, in which we can’t wait for all of our costumers to visit and truly see “where happiness lives”.”


When an idea comes to life.

“At Hübsch, designing is the key to happiness. When starting a new collection, our design team evaluates the existing collection and looks at the upcoming trends.

When the design team has selected the elements and trends, of which a new collection should consist, they can start the design process based on the same design DNA.”


“Personally, I am fond of the sketching process – one idea just takes the other.” Lotte, Designer.

The design process can be a long way coming. When a design sketch is ready, it has to be drawn in 3D along with materials, colours and measurements. When a detailed design is finished, it is sent to production.

“This process is really exciting. The product comes to life, and you get to know if your thoughts and ideas work in reality.”
Lotte, Designer.


Every year Hübsch Interior launch a main collection Tendencies, which offers beautiful and creative Nordic design to style a modern home in every season of the year.

Additionally each July there is a collection Occasions, which has a focus on key products and the coming Christmas time.


The Story

Hübsch was founded in 2010 by Daniel Henriksen, Jannie Krüger and Flemming Hussak. They had a dream to create something unique. And not only this dream unites the 3 founders, but also the big passion for good design. Now we are sure – their dream has come true! Hübsch Interior can be proud to be one of the Scandinavia’s leading home interior labels.


 Daniel, Jannie, Flemming, (from left to right), Photo Credit: Hübsch Interior

It is a great honor for me to have this opportunity of an interview with one the founders of Hübsch Interior – with Daniel Henriksen.

For Daniel, it was natural to become an entrepreneur and found his own company! Before Hübsch, Daniel gained experience working with many different areas. ”At one point, I worked in a factory assembling stable equipment. I am thrilled I have tried both, as this made me find out what I really wanted to do. When you have a dream about being an entrepreneur, it is important to believe in what you are doing! You have to start at a point that fits your level of experience. Listen to what other people have to say, but be critical – other people’s experience might not work for you.”

Daniel’s employees and co-workers at Hübsch experience him as a calm person, with a great overview. He is described as a colleague, who always has a calm being, and despite being busy, there is always time for a helping hand. His calm being and eternal overview is a great inspiration for his employees/colleagues. ”He is always in a good mood, and loves to make fun with his co-workers.”

Daniel, please tell us a little bit about each of you?

The interview will only be with me, but I will try to speak for all 3 of us. Thank you Arminka for choosing to write about us!

I can start by telling you a little about Flemming.
Flemming is our CEO and in cooperation with me, he is responsible for the strategic operation of Hübsch. Besides that he is responsible for purchasing and managing our warehouse.
Flemming is less academic and has learned most from his working life. He started with a trainee position as a purchaser at Bestseller, and from there he has been working with purchasing at several other companies.
He came in to the design business when he started working at Bloomingville over 15 years ago. After this, he started Hübsch in cooperation with Jannie and me.
Flemming is 43 years old, and he is married to Jannie, who also owns the company.

Jannie is our Creative Director and she is responsible for the general expression of our collections and styling. She is very versatile, as she has to make sure that the designers, stylist, etc. all work in the same direction.
After finishing her degree as Design Manager, Jannie started her career at Bestseller, where she worked for 10 years – in the end as Head of Design for one of Bestseller’s many brands.
Her passion has always been interior design, so it was natural for he to switch to this business.
Jannie is 38 years old and married to Flemming.

I, Daniel, am the Sales & Marketing Director at Hübsch. I am responsible for all sales and marketing, as well as trade shows and IT. Together with Flemming, I am responsible for the strategic operation of Hübsch.
I have a B.A. in English and Communication from Aarhus University, and unlike all my fellow students, I decided to start a company instead of continuing on a M.A.
I came into the design business in 2006 when I started in the warehouse emptying containers as a temporary worker at Bloomingville. From then, I worked myself up through the company, at which I was working as Flemming’s right hand, until we founded Hübsch.
I am 33 years old and with my wife, I have 2 boys, who are 2 years’ old.


How did you 3 come together?

Flemming and Jannie met each other when working at Bestseller and have been together ever since.
I met Flemming at Bloomingville, and through him, I met Jannie.

How did you get the idea of creating Hübsch?

We all have a passion for the design business, and we all have a big entrepreneur inside of us.
We believed that together, we could create something unique, where we could put our thoughts and ideas to life.
We knew that we are very different, and this is why we are such a strong team. We don’t agree on many things, but that is a big strength for us, because we all have to same goal in sight. We want to go the same way, but with different approaches.
So knowing each other’s strengths and have the same passion for creating something unique, was enough for us to start the adventure.


For German speaking community the word H Ü B S C H has immediately a positive attitude, because it means b e a u t I f u l. Does it have the same meaning in Danish?

No, it doesn’t mean anything in Danish.
We know the meaning, and it is partly why we chose the name, as we think it describes our designs well.
We also use the “Ü” as a smiley in our branding, because happiness is very important for us.
Our motto is: “Where happiness lives”, which goes well in line with the idea behind the brand name.


Is there any nice story connected with Hübsch during all those years you would like to share with us?

We have recently gone through a 6-month’s course with the entire company, which focuses on company culture and values.
As the 3 of us started Hübsch 8 years ago, we have naturally defined most of the culture and values, we have at Hübsch.
Now, we are 28 employees, and we wanted to open up the company culture and let the employees take part in redefining our culture and values.
This went on for approx. 6 months, and peaked with Hübsch inviting everyone on a 4 days trip to Greenland (we went on a dog sled trip, ice fishing, walking on the inland ice, and had many great moments together).

This trip was a great experience both personally and as a team. Many people evolved greatly during the trip, and in particular afterwards.
In really changed the company to the even better, and we feel that people are even more engaged in their work and take pride in what they do.
And that is very important for us, and we are very proud to have employees who are like this.


Which is your favorite activity/hobby besides the design?

I can mostly speak for myself, but I know that a very big part of both mine, and Flemming & Jannie’s life is family.
I have a set of twin boys who are 2 years’ old, and that naturally takes a lot of my time – and I love spending time with them and my wife.
Flemming and Jannie has 4 children, 2 of which are twins who are just 3 months older than mine. So family in general also means a lot in their lives.
Personally, besides family, sports is also a big part of my life.


How would you describe Hübsch in 3 words?

A part of the course mentioned before, was for everyone the describe the values that the associate with Hübsch.
This was narrowed down to 4 words, and even though you ask for 3, I allow myself to write 4, as they are the key values of Hübsch – as described by the employees:
Happiness, responsibility, openness and community.


Could you please tell us, which was your favorite product from your main collection Tendencies 2018?

I would say that my favourite product in one of our new dressers in herringbone pattern.
I am a great fan of classic design, and nothing is more classic than the herringbone pattern. I enjoy how our designers have put new thoughts on it and used it in more modern furniture designs.


The herringbone pattern is a new technique for Hübsch Interior with a graphic look and beautiful texture, which adds depth to the design. In the natural light it becomes a unique look, like a piece of art. Such a decorative surface. I love it!

This year you are going to extend the collection for Tendecies 2019 with a new category. Could you please tell us more about it?

As with Tendencies 2018, we will continue to explore a wide selection of tones and textures. It will be a playful collection with a touch of the unexpected.
We will still focus on sculptural shapes and elegant lines, and we will add even more colour to many new designs.
Everything will naturally be in thread with our unique style. And luckily for me, the herringbone pattern will be even more visible in many, new designs.


Photo Credit: Hübsch Interior


Thank you so much Daniel for this interesting interview!

With the perfect combination of inspiring colours, carefully selected materials and with a keen eye for detail Tendencies 2019 collection was created.

Sculptural shapes and elegant lines meet in a creative mix of furniture, lighting and accessories. Hübsch Interior welcome us to an inspiring season.


It was a pleasure for me to have the insight into the story and occupational routine of Hübsch family. My appreciation goes to Flemming, Jannie and the whole Hübsch Interior team.

Special thanks to Daniel for this interesting interview showing us more about the history of the company, people and values behind it. I am very happy of having Marias great support by my side during all these months. Thank you dear Maria, I wish you all the best for the coming months which are going to be exciting for you and your family.

Last but not least, I wish Hübsch Interior a great year 2019 full of happiness, unforgettable moments and great interior adventures. Thank you for this wonderful collaboration.


Greetings from France,





In Collaboration with Hübsch Interior