It is a pleasure for me to introduce you today a unique Danish design brand The Oak Men.

Did you know the situation – it is a special day and you are searching for a beautiful present for your boyfriend, father or husband and you have absolutely no idea what you can choose as a gift?

Oh, I know this too good and I am more than happy I have found the best solution. The Oak Men offers everlasting interior articles which are made from men for men.  And which are very much loved by the women! A perfect match I would say!


Please meet Peter Hensberg, the founder of The Oak Men. Peter is 48 years old and have two great kids, a daughter Josefine and a son Louis. He lives alone partly with his son and he has a wonderful girlfriend who lives on a beautiful island in the south of Denmark. They spend as much time together as they can, although it is not as much as they surely want to because they are both busy with their businesses.
Peter is a trained cabinetmaker by education. It goes without saying that design and wood are his great passion. He explores design and architecture in both his country Denmark and abroad in other countries and cities when he gets the chance.
He loves to run and work out in his small amount of sparetime. And he loves to cook in the weekends.

Peter Working

Dear Peter, thank you so much that you are here today to tell us more about you and The Oak Men.
Please tell us how everything had started with The Oak Men?
It started by coincidence actually. As I am a trained cabinetmaker I had a small business doing furniture and interiors for privat people and shops. I started making some wooden boxes from the leftover wood in the production. They were ment as gifts to customers and friends. A friend saw one of my boxes and she was sure that they could be sold in shops. She told me to make a tray as well and she went round to some shops to see if there were any interest. And there were interest. A lot actually. And then The Oak Men was born.


Where did you get your inspiration for new products?
I get my inspiration from books, movies, architecture, music and nature. Also by seeing old design in flea markets and maybe thinking of new editions of the old designs.

How you would describe The Oak Men in few words?
Craftmanship, sturdy materials, simplicity.


Which are the most important values and ideas behind The Oak Men?
Do what you love 🙂


Is there any story connected with The Oak Men you would like to share with us?
A little story of a dear friend who gave some of our Trees as a gift for her 90 year old father. He was very touched and told her that it was the most beautiful and poetic thing he had ever seen. He placed them in the window shelf so he could sit in his chair and look at them. It touched me and made me very proud and happy. And that is why i am considering changing the name of the Trees to PoeTrees.


Do you have any favorites among your products?
Balls – The Calendar, Lebowski and Carrie are my favorite products.


Is there a special meaning for Lebowski?
Lebowski is actually born as a desk organizer, but my clever woman told us to add the glass tubes, because it then could serve as a sculptural vase as well. The name is from the movie “The Big Lebowski” because it looks a bit like a bowling ball. And I love that movie.


Is there any news coming soon in the next months?
The new Rusty Notice Boards and Step – the tray table are both news that I am very proud of and we are looking very much forward to seeing them in the shops and get peoples reaction to them.

Thank you so much dear Peter and all the best for the future projects!

Best wishes from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire




In collaboration with The Oak Men