Kitchen Stories

Oh, this is a long long story…

But long story short! As a psychologist I pay attention to what my children play and what they need for the next developmental stage. And for sure I appreciate the benefits of the role play helping to develop important skills.

A play kitchen is for me an important element of a role play. Almost every child enjoys cooking, baking and playing in a small kitchen.

As a stylist I pay attention to toys and furniture in high quality, unique and beautiful design. This is why I was searching for a play kitchen for more than 2 years. Everything I found so far had a little detail I didn’t like. So I was talking about this kitchen as long as I was searching for it. Luckily, my husband is the best listener with a great patience.

Since many years I am gathering the accessories and equipment, but I didn’t find the kitchen I was looking for. But the kitchen came to us like a little miracle. It was standing under the Christmas tree this year. But it was not the Santa who brought us the kitchen. It was my husband who has found this beautiful play kitchen for us. A big wish came true.


Even if I don’t know where you can find it, I still would love to share this nice story with you. As a source of inspiration! Additionally, I would like to show you the nice accessories I have gathered during last years, trying to tell you the sources, in case I remember where I found them and if they are not from the flea market.


This is going to be a “slowly growing” blog post, which means I will add when I have something new – a new picture or a new kitchen ware.


The only thing I have changed so far is the sink. This one on the pictures is actually the bowl from Kristina Dam.


I will show you my DIY-projects concerting the play kitchen. Like the naturaly dyed wooden eggs or crocheted vegetables and fruits.


I hope you like the idea of a slowly growing post. If you have any ideas or accessories you would like me to show here, just write me a message via Instagram please.

Enjoy it!

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire