{DIY} Magical Forest

Making trees and bushes is a fun activity with the children. All you need is clay and dried flowers, leaves, branches. And for sure a lot of imagination.


We have a small collection of nice handmade trees we have made during last years. An attentive viewer and follower has already noticed some on my pictures, right?

We decided to expand our collection and make a real forest. A magical forest!


Why do we need a magical forest? Maybe you remember the nice Scandinavian tradition I have shown you some years ago here.

This tradition is all about Nisse or Tomte, a mythological little creature very known in Nordic Folklore. They live in the forest, in or under the trees, surrounded by mushrooms and beautiful nature. During the Christmas season they would love to come and live with us in our homes. In order to make them feel welcome we wished to create a nice and comfortable atmosphere, something that makes them feel at home! We decided to create a magical forest!!! And for sure you remember what else they need to come in, right? A magical door! But this is another story… Soon there will be a new blog post and a nice surprise is waiting for you!

PetitsouriredesignMagicalForest3PetitsouriredesignMagicalForest4Magic in the air! I can’t wait for the first Advent to put the “Fairy Door” and decorate with the forest.


Please keep in touch! More is coming soon.

Have a wonderful evening,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire