{DIY} Window paintings and Fairy Door

Since last weeks we are in the window painting fever!

Once you have started, you can not stop! This makes a lot of fun, you have to try it out! My daughter wanted a Moomin House, here we go, a 5 minute Moomin House, so please don’t judge it much 🙂


For the coming festive season the window paintings are just a perfect DIY idea! We have tried a lot of things and our windows are full.

The good thing is, you can remove them easily and you can decorate your window again and again!

This year I wanted to integrated one of our fairy doors into the window Christmas painting. My kids are in love!

What do you think?


I am happy to get your feedback on instagram. Please tag me, if you will use this DIY during winter. Thank you!

This is really fun, I can’t wait to start some new paintings.

PetitsouriredesignWindowPaintings 2

Best wishes from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire

P.S. Here are the answers on the frequently asked questions:

  • I used no templates. I just have an idea and started painting the windows (you can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest or elsewhere). Children are the best artist, just give them the marker! 🙂
  • I used a chalk marker from a craft store (which I bought long time ago, but I think they are still the same today. You can find them everywhere. I have searched for you, there are so many online)
    My marker is from UNI, 1.8 – 2.5 mm
  • Make sure it is a chalk marker (this one you can easily wipe away with water) and NOT a permanent marker!

Any other questions? Ask me on my Instagram!