Today Sweden celebrates “midsommar” and this is the best day to introduce you one of my favorite Swedish brands – Fine Little Day.

If you search for a playful design and unique interior objects with a high recognition value, then Fine Little Day is the right place for you!

Personally, I can’t get enough of Fine Little Day cute pieces. They create such a wonderful atmosphere and are just perfect to style the seasons.


I am happy and excited to have here today the heart of the brand, the founder and very talented designer Elisabeth Dunker. I was curios to know more both Elisabeth and I am sure you are as well, so I gathered some interesting facts about her here for you.

– age
50 years old.

– education
Master in design, HDK, School of Arts and Crafts in Gotheburg.

– family situation
2 grown up children, husband, a cat and a dog.

– hobby

– what makes you smile?
Our dog Ulla.

– what you like most?

– what is an absolutely no go?
Cigarettes, can’t stand anything about them.

– your favorite place in your city? 
I spend a lot of time, and appreciate Hagabadet where I take sauna, swim and exercise.

– favorite country to spent a vacation?
I really enjoyed Costa Rica.

– favorite song and band?
At the moment I listen a lot to Sault, Wildfires.

– favorite designer?
I don’t believe I have any particular favorite designer. I’m falling for things here and there. Like clothing from Rodebjer, I’m usually drawn to them but I only own one thing (bought second hand) from her.

– favorite piece of furniture?
I like our “new” second hand daybed in green velvet.

– favorite flower?

– favorite book?
Eckhart Tolle, The power of now.

FineLittleDay1Photo credit: @Hilda Grahnat ~ Ulrika E. Engberg and Elisabeth Dunker

How did you get the idea of creating your own company in 2007?
When starting Fine Little Day I had no plan or wish for anything particular really. I just wanted to try out the blog forum (Fine Little Day started as a blog). I enjoyed taking photos, it helped me notice and appreciate small and simple things in every day life. I also liked the networking, the interaction with people around the world. After a while things naturally evolved into a small company, a one “man’s” show that grew. In times it was was rather crazy, so much work, not always jolly and took a lot of time and energy.


Now you are working in a team with other creatives. Please tell us more about the members.
2012 I got Ulrika E. Engberg on board, a former classmate of mine from HDK where we studied design together for 5 years, and things started to workout better. We got a structure that I hadn’t been able to create myself. Ulrika is nowadays is the head “boss” of Fine Little Day. She’s amazing, and doing a great job running the company. I consider myself hugely fortunate as I’m not only enjoy my work, but I’m also working alongside with some really great people. Getting good people in has not only helped the business to grow, but also, to get the best out of everything. We are a small gang of 5 women and one guy working with everything from design, costumer services, communication and administration to packaging, the physical store and the website.


You are still the leading designer of Fine Little Day. What is your source of inspiration?
Inspiration comes and goes, sometimes you have to dig deep. I think it’s much a matter of in what state I’m in, if I have energy and feel good, inspiration will come more easily than otherwise. Sources vary but I tend always to come back to the woods for the best input.


Can you please describe the creative process, when new creations and products are in the making?
Even though I’ve worked quite a long time as a designer now, I still don’t have a routine or particular procedure when working. I might go for a stroll, sit down on a bench sketching, or I just pick up my iPad or phone scrolling without goal, or I go to a flea market taking in impressions. I use different techniques, acrylic, watercolor, crayons depending on goal and mood. One thing is recurrent though: I never/seldom paint or draw on a blank white paper. I need something dirty, already used, an envelope, cardboard box, piece of textile or something, or else I’ll be stuck.


Which part of this creative process you love most of all?
I appreciate the moment when everything is ready and I can look at the design through a photo.

Could you please describe your Fine Little Day in 3 words?
Inconsistent, friendly and art-loving.


What do you wish for Fine Little Day in the coming years?
I would love us to continue discover and spread the word about good art/artists. We’re about to institute a scholarship which I look forward to work with much.


This portrait is a nice collaboration between Petit Sourire, Fine Little Day and Tykky shop. This is why I would love to introduce you Bente, the owner of the beautiful online shop.

Dear Bente, how did you get the idea of having your own online shop?
Already when I was younger I adored interior. For me it started with my childhood bedroom, a space to make my own, a space to make cozy. I always love to move furniture around, to try out new things, new ways, always trying to think outside the box. After years of working in different sectors, having children, moved from and to several European countries, we ended up in the Netherlands in 2015. It was here where I met wonderful inspiring people who happened to work as webdesigners and with whom suddenly a dream of having a little cozy webshop came true. And I still love every single day of this journey!

Why did you select Fine Little Day as a one one the main brands for your shop? What is the special thing about Fine Little Day?
Actually, I have already been a big fan of Fine Little Day for many years and it was the first brand to contact to sell in my (very own!) webshop 🙂 I was so excited when Fine Little Day answered me quickly to set sail with me. I simply adore the brand, the simple yet so powerful designs, the playfulness that immediately enters the room with a single item, yet so sophisticated. I love the nature inspired details and how with a single canvas, cushion cover or poster, you bring a little bit of Scandinavia into your own home.

How would you describe Fine Little Day in few words?
Dauntless and dazzling!

Petitsouriredesign5My deep appreciation goes to Bente from Tykky online shop for all the support!

And huge thanks to the whole team of Fine Little Day for this wonderful portrait!! And especially to you dear Elisabeth for the interesting interview!!


FineLittleDay2Photo credit: @Hilda Grahnat ~ The wonderful team of Fine Little Day

And now it is time to celebrate midsommar, right?

I wish I would be in Sweden right now!! You too?:-) At least we can all enjoy the spirit of Sweden with this beautiful creations from Fine Little Day!


Happy Midsummer and all the best wishes from France.

Glad midsommar, enjoy it!






In collaboration with Fine Little Day and Tykky online shop.