Easter Eggs

Easter will soon be knocking on our door.

Do You want to create Your very own Easter Egg family with natural dyed eggs in beautiful colors?

I show You today the way You can do it!

And You know what? If I were an Easter egg, I would prefer living in this sweet sugar bowl from Lyngby Porcelain. And You? 🙂


*This is red cabbage colored lady*

Maybe You can still remember that I have created Easter egg couples some years ago. So sweet and so in love. There were also litte Easter egg families. We loved the idea so much and now it is our family tradition for every Easter.


Please find here the tutorial from last year in german language

What You need:

  • white easter eggs
  • red cabbage
  • avocado peel
  • bay leaves
  • water
  • 3 pots

Step 1:

Put Your ingredients in the pot with 1L Water (for example red cabbage). Let it cook slowly for 45 Min – 1 hour.

Step 2:

After boiling you will get beautiful colored water. Put the ingredients out of the pot and put your already boiled eggs or blow-out eggs in the colored water.

Step 3:

Let the eggs in the water for 10 minutes and take a look if they have already got the color You would like to have. You can let the eggs in the colored water so long as you wish for 1 hour or maybe for the whole night.

Step 4:

Put the eggs out of the water and let them dry. Draw a beautiful face for the lady and for the gentlemen, for mother or grandmother, daughter or son… Just create Your very own Easter egg family.

*This is an avocado colored lady*


So this is the same idea I have shown You some years ago – “Madame avec couronne, Monsieur avec chapeau”.

The ladies will get a cute mini wreath and the gentlemen a nice hat.

Mini hats for gentelmen:

Mini wreaths for ladies:


*This is red cabbage colored lady*

I mostly enjoyed creating these little wreaths.

I hope you like the ideas i have shown You today. Best wishes and see You soon.

Arminka aka Petit Sourire