{DESIGN PORTRAIT} Kristina Dam Studio

I am very happy to show you today a portrait of Kristina Dam Studio. You can recognize the beautiful objects of Kristina Dam Studio by their sculptural and minimalistic appearance. You can find a high quality craftsmanship and love to details in every single piece.


Let me introduce you the charming and talented founder – Kristina Dam. She is Graphic designer and has graduated from The Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Copenhagen. Kristina is 37 years old, married and has 2 wonderful children. She is in love with art and design, even as a hobby she spent her time with his biggest passion – d e s i g n. Her family plays an important role in her life and there are the children that make her smile every day. She is happy when new prototypes arrive and they are perfect! What is an absolutely no go for Kristina? Rococo style with way too many different colours and shapes on top of each other so that you cannot distinguish any of the furniture from another. Her favorite piece of furniture is Poul Kjærholm’s PK1 chair. During the weekends you can find her in Refshaløen in Copenhagen,  the favorite place in her city. Guess, which is the favorite country to spent a vacation for Kristina? Difficult to guess? I will tell you, this is Hong Kong.

It is incredible to have Kristina here today. She will tell us more about her design, her company, her favorite product and much more! Thank you Kristina.

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How did you get the idea of creating your own company?
It actually happened more or less by coincidence. I used to work freelance as a graphic designer, and one day I came up with the idea of making art prints, which turned out to be a such a big success that I suddenly had both feet in the interior industry without really registering the shift.


What is the mean idea behind Kristina Dam Studio?
The mean idea behind Kristina Dam Studio is Sculptural Minimalism, which is also our tagline. I create all of our products so that they have some form of sculptural approach – whether it is a stool or a vase, I want it to add something sculptural to a space. The minimalistic element stems somewhat from me being a Danish designer, and my inspiration is also very much related to Danish furniture classics and working with materials and the simplicity of a design detail. So “Sculptural Minimalism” is really the essence of our brand, because our designs are so minimalistic while at the same time they also have some form of sculptural element – whether it is a small detail or the way you use the product.


Which criteria are important by selection of your products?
The criteria is that it should be sculptural, have a beautiful detail and should be made from honest and solid materials that are durable. Also, it should add something new and unique to your home.


Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your own home?
That would definitely have to be Stool. It combines functionality with a unique, sculptural design, and I use it for many different purposes.


If you could choose only one, what would be your favourite material?
Marble, because you can get so many beautiful stones from it that you cannot begin to fathom just how incredible nature is that it is able to create such a beautiful material itself.


Is there any story connected with Kristina Dam Studio you would like to share with us?
One thing I will never forget is how different everything was back when I started the brand and sold art illustrations. At the time, I did all of the packaging myself. I was living on the third floor, and so every time I processed orders, I had to carry all of the packages up and down from third floor and ride my cargo bike over to the GLS shop to ship them. Needless to say, I ended up living surrounded by moving boxes, which was definitely a challenge in the long run. So it is kind of fun to think about the big contrast between then and now.

What do you wish for you and the Studio in the coming years?
We have been very succesful with selling products to the contract market, and so I wish to be able to do more business with the contract market, because we are in a setup where we can adjust our production according to that. Moreover, I hope to be involved in several more large interior projects where we have the chance to inject more Kristina Dam DNA into it. Furthermore, I hope that more and more people globally will buy our products so that we have the opportunity to develop our products and designs even further.


Thank you very much dear Kristina for this wonderful interview and interesting details about you and your Studio!


I wish all the best for the future adventures of Kristina Dam Studio!

I hope you enjoyed this portrait as much as I did.

Sunny greetings from France,







In Collaboration with Kristina Dam Studio.

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