Natural Dyed Wooden Balls

Last years I have dyed a lot of fabric, wool, Easter eggs and much more. I always added some wooden balls in the colored water and now I have a beautiful collection of natural dyed wooden balls. So it is time to show you them!

DIY Holzkugel1

These wooden balls you can easily find in any craft store.

DIY Holzkugel4

How you can dye your wooden balls? In the same way as the eggs and fabric. For a step by step tutorial (in English and German) please have a look here!

DIY Holzkugel3

There are so many ways to use this beautiful natural dyed wooden balls. I have made a necklace for my daughter and a hanging wardrobe for the kids room (some years ago). They are also nice as mat for your teapot.

DIY Holzkugel2

How will you use your natural dyed balls?

Enjoy to dye your own balls and stay inspired,

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire