I definitely love searching for unique design pieces to show you here. Once I discovered Caussa, a german brand founded 2016, it was immediately clear that they should be a part of my Design Portrait series.

I am featuring today Tani and Olifant, my favourites from Caussa.

Tani is designed by Swiss Diiis Designstudio.

«Tani is characterised by its multi-functionality and highlights the beauty of the wooden material.The combination of a jewellery box and a hand mirror makes it a desirable home accessory. The different elements can be combined individually and be used as a storage box, mirror box or as a regular bowl tray. It can be used either to store everyday items or to present the favourite pieces of jewellery. With the conical handle, the mirror can be easily held in the hand and acts as a support while being placed on a table. Each piece is made entirely out of solid walnut or ash wood. ‘Tani’ means ‘valley’ in Japanese and describes the shape of the three wooden elements»


Olifant is designed by Andreas Kowalewski.

«From the first cave drawings in the stone age to stylised interpretations of the theme in our time, animal figures have been always part of our home environment. The design of the Olifant is a sculptural exploration of realism and abstraction to create an object that enriches the modern living room. Each Olifant, which is available either in porcelain or solid wood, is unique and is made in Germany in a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern production machinery.
 The survival of the African elephants species is in great dangers and Caussa wants to draw attention to this. With every purchased Olifant a portion of the revenue automatically goes to the organization Save Africa’s Elephants who helps fostering young orphaned elephants and returning them back into the wild.»


I am very happy to introduce you today Andreas Kowalewski and Jan Drücker, the founders of Caussa.

Caussa_Jan&Andreas_1_2018Photo credit: @Caussa – Jan Drücker (left), Andreas Kowalewski (right)

Andreas Kowalewski, the “heart” of Caussa and gold winner of German Design Award 2018, holds a masters degree in Industrial Design and was trained as a cabinet maker before studying. His favourite piece of furniture is an antic Gründerzeit dining table standing in his kitchen, an heirloom piece from his family and that’s why he loves it so much. What makes him smile are quirky moments in daily life. He enjoys when people are passionate about something and have an open mindset. His favourite place in the city he lives in is the north part of the Alster river in Hamburg, near the Isekanal. There you can meet Andreas while he goes for a run to clear his mind. But don’t search him there during his vacation because is mostly off to Italy. Once I have aksed him about his hobbys, he answered me: “Sometimes I wonder what ‘hobby’ means to me. I don’t think about work as work or play as play.
Nevertheless, besides design, I am curious about many other things and I try them out. I love photography and drawing very much, but I am also a lot into sports such as cycling and kayaking.”

Jan Drücker has Master of Business Administration + Master of Law and he is the “head” of Caussa Team taking care of marketing and sales. His hobby is collecting furniture, accessories and art from the last century at Garage Sales. He enjoys good food and love to spend a nice evening with friends. What makes him smile? Every time he sees his children and of course his work for Caussa together with Andreas. An absolutely no go to him is the lavish “soccer players” lifestyle. If you are searching Jan in his favourite place in the city, then you can find him in the Museum for Art and Culture in Münster (where you can also find the Caussa Olifants in the very well curated shop!). Where can you find Jan during the holidays? In the Netherlands, of course! No wonder that this is his favourite country to spent a vacation, because he is half dutch and he really likes the rough shores at the North Sea. Last but not least: his favourite piece of furniture is Concierge Mirror. “Not because I’m vain but because it’s just working in so many cases like small floors or for hotel rooms. Every time I leave home I do a quick check if my pants are open and every time I come home I leave my wallet and my keys there! Just perfect!”


How did you 2 come together?
Jan: We met in School 30 years ago when we were 12 Years old and became friends.

And how did you get the idea of creating your own company?
Jan: It all started with the wedge table designed by Andreas. It became famous long before we talked about it, but no-one was able to produce it. Then one day before Christmas we talked and spontaneously decided to produce it ourselves. That’s how the company started.


What meaning stands behind the idea of Caussa?
Andreas: It was not an idea, rather a motivation or goal to simply create sophisticated design products with character and a good reason to exist. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel – it is mostly about searching for what can be improved, a new component and something that has a story to tell. Designs with purpose which is beyond just it’s style. We believe these are the components which make a product special, desirable and by that sustainable, because people like to keep them then for longer – or hopefully for ever :-).

Jan: Our claim is that Caussa only offers products that stand out from the crowd. Therefore it is important that we challenge our designers again and again to create something really new and unique. Each of our products has to be special. This can be achieved through special shapes, functions, materials or a very good story.


With your „Olifant“ you support the organisation Save Africa’s Elephants. This touches me so much. Please tell us more about this project.
Andreas: Well, this project is almost like a role model of what we are striving for. In many ways, peope are feeling ultimately connected to the Olifant. First and foremost, it is probably because of its unique appearance and the collaboration with Save Africa’s Elephants, but it is also about the beauty of craftsmanship, which is given a more contemporary twist by the use of new manufacturing technologies in the field.

PetitsouriredesignCollage3Photo credit: @petitsouriredesign (left), @Caussa (right)

Maybe this is the most difficult question, but definitely one of my favorites. How would you describe Caussa in 3 words?
Andreas: Collaborative. Beyond. Tangible

Jan: Fresh. Special. Useful.



Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your own home?
Andreas: The Olifant of course. 🙂

Jan: Besides the Concierge Mirror it’s maybe the Faro Candle Holders. I have them everywhere and I use them a lot. I don’t like high candle- holders and most of the small ones for tea lights are not well designed.


Is there something personal and special about Caussa you would like to share with us?
Andreas: What touches me the most is the passion the designers and craftsmen have who we are working with. They believe in the things they make and always strive for the best.

Jan: It’s just so productive working together. We are completely different but we share the same ideas and goals. We both have our roles, the designer and the businessman, but we can learn so much from each other everyday.


What do you wish for Caussa in the coming years?
Andreas: We believe, that we as a brand evolve with every new project. Good ideas need some time to grow, but most importantly it’s all about teaming up with like minded people who believes in what we believe in.
For instance, we spend a lot of time to find the right means of materials and production. We are already working and experimenting on a couple of very exciting new projects for the new collection. Stay tuned ;-). Yet, right now we are mostly thinking about how to organically grow further, by understanding our customer much better and by fostering our current relationships and finding new collaboration partners for new meaningful projects.

Jan: I would love to find more partners in foreign countries. We have so many people asking about where to buy. Photos are great but touching the objects we make is so much better, especially with high quality furniture and accessories it is very important that our customers can experience them life!
I wish that the path we’re on with Caussa right now will evolves as thoughtful as today. We meet continuously so many interesting people, have great conversations with charming and talented designers, work with great suppliers and of course meet so many clients who appreciate what we do.
We are always thinking of collaborating with others and would love to find a strong partner who loves good design as much as we do.


I would like to thank Jan and Andreas for this wonderful interview. I wish Caussa all the best in the coming years and I will keep in touch to see all your new projects. I am looking forward!

Best wishes from Brittany,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire




In collaboration with Caussa