If you like cute and beautiful objects that make your life with kids more beautiful and the mealtimes full of fun, then I am sure you will be happy to know more about danish company By Lille Vilde.

I love the beautiful universe of this small family company very much. One of my Sunday rituals is to decorate our beautiful swan with flowers! I enjoy it as much as my little daughter.


The creative spirit of the company is Ditte Elleriis. She is 34 years old and educated gardener. Ditte is married to Kasper,  their son Abel is 4 years old and baby sister on the way, due July 4th. At the moments her hobbies are the garden, knitting and renovating the house. Ditte enjoys being with friends and family, but also to do nothing together her husband. She said, “I LOVE food, and I eat a lot of it.”
An absolutely no go for her is animal cruelty and neglect and people who are self centered. Beside of that the disrespect of the environment. Long toe nails or males with long finger nails:-)
What makes her smile is: “my son for sure, and really Monday mornings, as I never can wait to get back to the office and get going with the day and my little business. The sun. Irony.”


Dear Ditte, thank you so much for telling us more about By Lille Vilde!

How did you get the idea of creating your own company?
I have always been the kind of person who has a lot of ideas and projects. I find it hard to do nothing, and being on maternity leave is a perfect excuse to start a business. Also having a child opens up a world you never knew, and an industry that is both wonderful to be part of, and terrible at the same time. So much over consumption, tough competition and counterfeiting.
I started with a kids clothing brand, and after entering the industry I met a girl who had the By Lille Vilde brand. When she did no longer wish to proceed with her ( at that time) placemats, I decided to take over the brand and expand the wonderful DNA with bibs, dinnerware and much more to come. I did so in june 2017.


What does ist mean „By Lille Vilde“?
Lille Vilde can mean both Little Wild but also Vilde is a girls name. To me, Little Wild is a cute way of describing the child like mind and mentality, and also my “mother company” is called Tiny Manners where Lille Vilde is a sub brand.


Which criteria are important by selection of your products?
Sustainability, practicality, originality and design.


How would you describe by Lille Vilde in some words?
The previous owner said it so well, by Lille Vilde is ‘Practical made Magical’. I really like that idea.


What do you wish for you and the company in the coming years? 
I wish that the brand will keep expanding, but at the same time manage to stay grounded and sustainable. This company is my dream coming true and I intend to work very hard for it to continue succeeding. My dreams are big.
I have many products that I would love to make, but it is a slow process that requires a lot of work and time. Whenever I have an idea and the money it requires, new products emerge. Right now I have a few news coming that I look forward to share with you.


Dear Ditte, thank you so much for this wonderful interview. I wish you good luck for all new projects coming next years and for sure all the best for your new family member!


Have a wonderful week!

Greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire




In collaboration with By Lille Vilde