{DESIGN PORTRAIT} Born in Sweden

Have you ever heard about Born in Sweden? As the name whispers, it is a Swedish brand founded by Kim Vejsholt. Kim was the founder and co-owner of the Sagaform, a company with a success story! He and his partner sold Sagaform in 2001. Since then Kim had a vision of creating a new company. That should be a design company where each product could take longer time in the development process. This vision came alive in 2008.
First products were designed by Pascal Charmolu, a French designer who has been living in Sweden for many years. One of his creations is the famous and award winning Birdfeeder.

It is known that Sweden, as a part of Scandinavia, has a strong design orientation and tight relation to the iconic designers. This is the way people grow up in Scandinavia and that is why it is a wish of Born in Sweden to continue following the path of the former generation. They aim to design beautiful and practical items in a Scandinavian style using long-lasting materials to create high-quality items. They don’t produce things for a season but for the whole life!
Born in Sweden aim to create products that make you smile and bring a touch of Scandinavia to every home.


You can find unique and recycled products like Stumpastaken made from 100% recycled aluminium and cork.


Kim Vejsholt is here today to tell aus about his Swedish company. Thank you Kim for being here.

Veronica Seipel is the charming women behind Born in Sweden. She is not only an important part of Kim and Born in Sweden, but also a wonderful person who made this portrait very special to me. Thank you Veronica!

KimVeraPhoto credit: @Born in Sweden – Kim Vejsholt and Veronica Seipel

Kim, Born in Sweden sounds great! So how was the idea born to create the company?

We wanted to make sure that people understood that we were a Swedish company. Born in Sweden covers that.


Which is the main vision or philosophy behind Born in Sweden?

We want everybody to have a chance to experience a bit a Swedish design and philosophy by bringing products connected to use and traditions to their home where that is. The products must be functional but also have a sculptural value to them.


How would you describe Born in Sweden in 3 words?

Creative, functional, Scandinavian


Is there anything connected with Born in Sweden during all those years you would like to share with us?

Our Stumpastaken Original is not a Born in Sweden product from the start. The tools belonged to the designer, Jonas Torstensson but was not possible to use in production anymore . We always loved the product and its sustainable qualities, so when we were contacted by Jonas 6 year ago, we didn’t think twice starting manufacturing of new tooling for the one product till that date on the market, the Original and 2 sizes more, Small and Long. Since then the family has grown to lots of products and more babies on the way!!


Which product was the most popular during all these years?

Our Birdfeeder is no 1. We love to feed our birds in winter and that has always been a tradition. Leftovers of bread crumbs is something you save for the birds. Our Birdfeeder makes birdfeeding possible even if you live in a flat in the middle of a city and the birds can get closer than ever before.



What do you wish for Born in Sweden in the coming years?

We want to keep on developing in sustainable and recycled materials, with that Swedish touch and flame that desire for products you want to keep close a long time.



“Stumpastaken was originally designed in 1991 and has become a Swedish design classic.”

Thank you so much for the interview and this wonderful portrait. I am looking forward to see what the future will bring for Born in Sweden.

Wishing you all the best,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire




In collaboration with Born in Sweden