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Have you ever been in the Black Forest in Germany? Or maybe you know about it from the fairy tale of  Wilhelm Hauff?

This is a magical place! As a child I loved to read the fairy tales from Black Forest, as adult I have visited this beautiful place. These are unforgettable memories! Today I am so happy to have a piece of Black Forest at my home reminding me of all those stories and nice days.

Designimdorf is a brand situated in the Black Forest, making wonderful wooden furniture and interior accessories. Every piece is unique and clever designed. You can feel the high quality and beautiful craftsmanship in each product. They are all made with love in Germany.

Bring Black forest spirit to your own home!


Designimdorf is a family business founded 1993 by Stefan Spitz. Everything has started in a 350 years old traditional Black Forest house, which is still used both as office, warehouse and for production.
“It was my goal to combine professional craftsmanship with modern design. Today the designimdorf brand stands for creative design and the highest quality. And it is so wonderful to see that the “peace” and the philosophy we always wanted to show is so much accepted and understood. It was certainly not always easy to go this way, but we are glad we did it. ” Stefan Spitz


It is a great pleasure to welcome here Benjamin Wolffs, head fo marketing and sales to learn more about this German brand.

Dear Benjamin, please tell us a little bit about you and the story of the company.

Honestly, as a child I always wanted to become a scientist. I wanted to discover new things and show them to the world. With designimdorf, this is exactly what we do. Developing new products, being innovative and getting it out to the market. The beauty about products are: Not only can you show what you developed, people can also have access to them and buy, if they want. In that way we can be creative, combine our thoughts, impressions and spirits, and help people enjoying it just as we do.

BenjaminPhoto credit: @designimdorf – Benjamin Wolffs, head fo marketing and sales

Where did you get your inspiration for new products?

It can happen anytime, anywhere. Many of the last years collection came as I renovated my flat. The first time I had breakfast on a Sunday morning, I got all groceries on the table, sat down and had to get back up again to get salt and pepper. I thought to myself that we need something that can always stay at the table and be beautiful. And when you eat, you can use it for the most important spices: salt and pepper. The same year we got to know the Designer Karim Eharruyen from Holland and we produced the BIRD & TRUMPETs.


How you would describe Design im Dorf in 3 words?

Quality, innovative, unique.



Do you have any favorite product?

Yes. The Rauchhaus, the smoking Dwarfs and the Bird & Trumpet.

designimdrof_raeucherzwerge_papiermodelledesignimdrof_raeucherzwerge_skizzePhoto credit: @designimdorf –  sketches of the smoking Dwarfs


Which are the most important values and ideas behind the Design im Dorf?

Innovation, exclusivity and quality. If any of these facts don’t match, it will not become a designimdorf product.


Is there any story connected with designimdorf you would like to share with us?

I will never forget the time where I got to visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York and came across our “Vogelfutterhaus” Bird Feeder. This was an indescribable feeling. You want to hug the whole world!


Which wishes and plans do you have for the future of designimdorf?

We have been in the German market for 26 years now. But we want to show these unique pieces to the countries overseas and let the Black Forest be modern again.



Thank you dear Benjamin for this interesting interview! I am looking forward to see what the future will bring for designimdorf. All the best for you!

Greeting from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire




In collaboration with designimdorf