Essenza – a Textile Piece of Art

With ESSENZA you bring a textile piece of art into your home!

For almost 60 years ESSENZA HOME has designed, produced and distributed sophisticated home styling products for different interior styles. The company was founded in 1961 by Mr. van Es and was taken over in 1994 by Roeland Smits. From that moment on ESSENZA HOME became a family company. In 2008 the German family business Best Line from Bernd Steverding came under the banner of ESSENZA HOME. So now there are two families under one roof!


Fortunately the second generation of the Smits family is working within the company, so the knowledge is being transferred from father to daughter. The company has grown into an international organization with offices in several countries and colleagues from various cultures, but still it is a family business with that important family feeling at the forefront.


The main idea of ESSENZA is to provide the great importance of the “feeling at home”  whoever or wherever you are.


With ESSENZA you can feel at home. Bed linen, terry cloth, plaids, cushions, homewear… All products are made to relax in and give you that ultimate at home feeling wherever you may be.


You are in the mood for romance? This floral velvet cushion from ESSENZA exudes romance. Against a dark green background you can find detailed drawings of flowers in bloom. Like a textile piece of art for each interior.

The British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was the inspiration for these  duvet cover made from soft cotton satin. Floral decorative cushions Vivienne from ESSENZA will give every interior an instant stylish update! The detailed drawings of flowers help adding the romantic vibe. Made from velvet, it is super soft and cuddly!


Flowers brings joy in our homes. Every day you can treat yourself with beautiful flowers in your bedroom or living room. This duvet cover Fleur is made from soft cotton satin.


New collection is coming this week – stay tuned!

Best wishes from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire





In Collaboration with ESSENZA Home