Mini labo is a french brand I admire since long time. No wonder I was curious to know who is behind this amazing label. I am very happy to introduce you today two talented women and founders of Mini labo Caroline Diaz and Céline Héno.

Their wish was to create a small laboratory (mini labo), a secret place to make some experiments, research and gather experience. Mini labo should be an environment to bring their creativity to life and give free rein to their fantasy. Since 2004 Caroline and Céline design and produce beautiful objects (trays, pillows, ceramics, fabrics, accessories & more) in their Parisian studio that bring a touch of color to your home.


Caroline has graduate from Ecole supérieures des arts appliqués Duperré at Paris, the textile design department. She is 49 years old and mother of two girls. During her leisure time you can find her writing, watching movies or engraving. And for sure in „les buttes Chaumont“, the big garden near her house. She smiles when crossing someone singing on his bike, just like she does sometimes. She loves watching sunset on the Channel sea in Normandy, a nice tradition coming from her childhood.
An absolutely no go for her is a trip by airplane just for a week end. In the early morning you can find Caroline on her favorite piece of furniture, a beautiful sofa, listening to the song „Life on mars“ or watching her favourite movie „Vertigo“.
Or maybe just relaxing and dreaming of the next holidays in Cotentin or Corsica while it is quiet and all the house is still sleeping.

Céline has graduate from Ecole supérieures des arts appliqués Duperré at Paris, the Illustration department. Like her colleague, she is 49 years old, married and mother of a boy & girl. As a hobby she loves gardening and embroidery. She enjoys making good dishes and listing to beautiful music, for example her favorite song „Summer girl“.
An absolutely no go for Céline is visiting an exhibition with an iPhone and just taking picture instead watching the works.
During the weekend you can find her in a cozy atmosphere on her sofa watching the movie „ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind “ or maybe thinking of last trip to Japan for Mini labo and the new collection. Who knows, maybe just planing the coming vacation in Corsica or Provence.

Mini labo Portrait 2017Photo credit: @Mini labo – Caroline Diaz (left) and Céline Héno (right).

Discover the colorful universe of Mini labo and enjoy the interesting interview.

Dear Céline, dear Caroline, how did you 2 come together? And how did you get the idea of creating your own company?
We met in the office style of a children’s clothing brand, we work there 12 years together, but when the brand has been bought by a Big Company the work has become boring, especially less creative so we decided to launch our own brand.


What is the main idea behind Mini labo?
The pleasure, which is a driving force in our projects and putting joy and color into everyday life.


How would you describe Mini labo in 5 words?
Poetic, colorful, happy, floral and comforting.


Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your own home?
Tea towels, trays, cushions.


Where did you get your inspiration?
From nature, life all around, movies, books, everything can be a source of inspiration if we take time to look at it.


Do you have a special division of work & tasks?
Not really, we can both work on everything, maybe Celine is drawing more, and Caroline likes working on colors.


Which part of the creative process you like most?
Meeting a producer and then approach a new material, it is a challenge we love, like working on jacquard for dishcloths, or create patterns for cement tiles.


Beautiful colors and patterns combined with love to details!


Is there any story connected with Mini labo would like to share with us?
We have been told by a lot of people that our brand was exclusively for women. But at our last pop up store, a man came up, ran to one of our scarf and put it on him. It looks like it was designed for him. Before leaving the store he said with a great smile, I’m falling in love with your universe.


What do you wish for Mini labo in the coming years?
More artisanal creations, small series of objects with the idea of making unique pieces. Take the time trying new ways to create new things like ceramics, weaving, embroidery, etc. Drawing a collection of bed linen, a panoramic wallpaper, socks made in France. Taking time to think, dream and do.


Thank you so much dear Caroline, dear Céline for this wonderful interview and for being here.

Let all your wishes come true!

Sunny greetings from Brittany,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire





In collaboration with Mini labo