KREAFUNK is a Danish lifestyle brand with a great and simple philosophy:  celebrate life and the little things and make ordinary everyday life to something special,  something extraordinary. With their beautiful products they spread joy and bring stylish accessories and urban vibes to any home and anyone’s life.

“You don’t have to climb mountains to achieve the good life. You don’t need a design-stuffed home to impress. You don’t have to be picture-perfect to be cool. Forget perfection!

KREAFUNK is for real people, living real lives. For those who really know how to tune in on the good life. We encourage everyone to get the best out of life. Anytime. Anywhere.”



KREAFUNK was founded 2011 by two talented, forward’s-looking, positive, powerful and courageous gentlemen Kenneth Melchoff Bahnsen and Ruben Fog-Fredsgaard.

I had the chance to meet Kenneth and experience wonderful music from KREAFUNK in Paris at Maison&Objet. I am so happy to welcome Ruben and Kenneth here today. I am sure you are going to enjoy this interview as much as I do!

KREAFUNK_brandimage_Ruben_Kenneth_01Photo credit: @KREAFUNK– Kenneth Melchoff Bahnsen (left) and Ruben Fog-Fredsgaard (right).

Ruben is 38 years old. He is educated Sales specialist living with his girlfriend and child in Aarhus.
His hobby is traveling and discovering our beautiful planet. Nice music and good weather makes him smile. He enjoys to be with good friends and family. Hey, but please don’t be too serious if you are with Ruben, this is an absolutely no go :-)His favorite place in the city is at home! He loves to spent a vacation in Thailand. And for sure the music accompanies him everywhere!Favorite song and band at the moment is “Follow the Sun” from Xavier Rudd.

Kenneth is am 36 years old. He went to business collage, later he got a sales education in a trading company. He is married to Kristina, have a son named Nohr. He is 3,5 years old and the family are expecting the second child in July. He loves to spend time with his wonderful family and work on their new house. He also likes to workout and enjoys all the good things life have to offer – wine, great food experiences and traveling. He smiles when his son looking at him with his eyes full of love or seeing his wife’s reaction when he surprises her with flowers or a gift. And for sure just seeing other people happy.
Kenneth appreciates being able to live the life on his own way and being responsible for giving other people value in their lives like for the whole team of KREAFUNK.
He doesn’t want to spend time on things that he can’t change or people that does not contribute with anything positive to his life.
In his city he recommends all the small secret cafés with special homemade bread and foods and the forest that goes all the way down to the sandy beaches. For a vacation he prefers the south west of Turkey, but Thailand also has a very special place in his heart.
His favorite bands shift from month to month, for the moment it is Charlie Cunningham, Asgier and Bon Iver.


Dear Kenneth, dear Ruben, how did you 2 came together?
We had common friends, and started to hang out about 10 years ago. After a while Kenneth came up with the idea for our first product and we decided to start the company KREAFUNK.


How did you get the idea of creating your own company?
It came out of the idea of the first product aSHELF. When the product was developed as a concept, we could not stop ourselves.


Please tell us more about the idea behind it!
KREAFUNK, the name – comes from CREATIVE FUNCTION – there for KREA-FUNK. The first product, aSHELF, was a shelf with built in stereo, which was a creative function.


How would you describe KREAFUNK in 3 words?
Music, Life and Love.


It seems, you have a special connection to music. We are curios to learn more about!
We love music. We experience music. We live music. We listen to music everyday. We love to explore new music, and we love to go to music festivals.


Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your own home?
Ruben: Everyday I use our KREAFUNK tRADIO in the kitchen. Every morning the first thing I do, is to turn on the radio.
Kenneth: I wouldn’t want to miss aGO in the bathroom, and aMAJOR in the living room. Then I have music no matter what room I am in.


“The wooden packaging of KREAFUNK is not only very original and stylish, but also sustainable and durable”

Is there any story connected with KREAFUNK you would like to share with us?
The concept of our first product as well as our brand, was developed in a period of time when we were both youthful and living an exciting and carefree life. To have fun and live life to the fullest, is still something that we keep within the core values of our company. As we say “ Don’t live to retire – Dance while the music is playing”.


What do you wish for KREAFUNK in the coming years?
We are always looking to develop and design new and exciting products. And in 2020 we already introduce new and very beautiful designs.


“Add that something extra to your outfit, and bring great sound with you when you’re on the move – all while enjoying the freedom of ‘no strings attached’ with wireless Bluetooth. Stand out with the unique headphones by KREAFUNK!”


I’ve got the power. It has happened to all of us, and we all recognise the situation: Running short on power during the most inconvenient time of the day. And it always happens when you’re out of reach of a power outlet. toCharge will change your life!”

Thank you dear Kenneth and Ruben for this interesting interview! It was a great pleasure having you! We wish you all the best for the coming years!!!

I would like to finish the portrait with the advice from Kenneth  – “Remember that life is short, get the most out of every day. Surround yourself with people you love and do what you think is best for you. Be positive and kind and life will treat you good.”

Best wishes from Brittany,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire




In collaboration with KEAFUNK