DIY natural dyed wooden eggs

For sure you remember my tutorial for natural dyed wooden balls I have shown you last year. If you missed it, please have a look here!

Thank you for all your kind feedback and pictures of your own DIY inspired by my tutorial. I am so happy to see your pictures on instagram or when you send me them.

Normally we all spend much time in the kitchen. Families love the cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, right? The same is for children, they love to spend time in their play kitchen. So once we had the idea to dye the wooden eggs, as we usually do with the real ones, mostly for Easter.

What you need are wooden eggs, you can find in craft stores or kids stores. We have many different sizes and they are all adorable.


The procedure is same as with the wooden balls.

What you need:

  • wooden eggs
  • red cabbage
  • avocado peel
  • bay leaves
  • curcuma
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • 3- 4 pots

Step 1:

Put your ingredients in the pot with 1L Water (for example red cabbage). Let it cook slowly for 45 Min – 1 hour.

Step 2:

After boiling you will get beautiful colored water. Put the ingredients out of the pot and put your wooden eggs in the colored water.

Step 3:

Let the eggs in the water for 10 minutes and take a look if they have already got the color you would like to have.

Step 4:

Please note that the color will change when the eggs are dry. The color will be less intense and brighter when the wooden eggs are completely dry.


You can get following colors:

  • yellow – using curcuma powder
  • violet – using red cabbage 
  • orange – using avocado
  • rose – using red cabbage + vinegar
  • green – using red cabbage + baking soda

The eggs are perfect as a decoration for  Easter, for example with natural dyed eggs.


And for sure they are a cute part of any play kitchen and will make you happy all over the year!


A very beautiful blog post about a play kitchen is in the making. So keep in touch dear friends!

Enjoy this DIY and let me know what your kids say. I am sure they will like it!

Best wishes from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire