This is an honor for me to introduce you Brdr. Krüger , a Danish brand with a heritage involving five generations of Danish design tradition. Brothers Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger founded it as a wood-turning workshop in 1886. Since then many Krüger generations collaborated with some of the world’s best design and architecture talents and created together unique collections of furniture.

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I am very excited to welcome here Jonas Krüger, who represents the fifth generation of Brdr. Krüger & the famous architect and designer Hans Bølling, who works since long time with the company.

BlackTraytable KopiePhoto credit: @Brdr. Krüger – The black Tray Table

Dear Jonas, you are the 5th generation of Brdr. Krüger leading the company with your sister. Once you have told about „the new turn in the tradition“, please tell us more about this new spirit.
Our philosophy summed up in the phrase “A Turn On Tradition” refers to our aspiration to reinterpret the mid-century Danish Modern, that we are a part of. We want to cherish the spirit, aesthetics and values of these times, yet at the same time reinterpret these through new designs for a contemporary audience. It is important to notice, that every furniture piece is hand-crafted in the Brdr. Krüger workshop, just outside Copenhagen Denmark, using traditional wood-working techniques. The mix between our respect for heritage craftsmanship and forward-looking design, is what makes us and our approach different to the norm.

JonasKrügerPhoto credit: @Brdr. Krüger – Jonas Krüger, creative director in 5th generation.

What do you wish for the Brdr. Kürger in the coming years? How do you see the company in let`s say 5 or 10 years?
I wish our company in the near future will be successful in building trust and respect from our users, that we deliver good design and craftsmanship. We have high standards, and wish to be acknowledged.


How would you describe Brdr. Krüger in 3 words?
Brdr. Krüger described in three words: Quality will prevail.

You were growing with all these beautiful furniture, so I can imagine it is not easy to decide. Still maybe you can tell us which one is your favorite product?
I cannot pick a favorite product. Every product is special in each its own way. They are all like baby’s to me (smiling).

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Are there any news coming in the next months you would like to share with us?
Very soon we will launch a new design by Nanna Ditzel, that I am very excited about. Please stay in loop at @brdrkruger .

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Petitsouriredesign 5My favorite Brdr. Krüger objects are the Bølling Tray Table and the Lune Pendant.

Petitsouriredesign 13I am sure you will immediately recognize this Wooden Monkey of Kay Bojesen, which is maybe of the the most celebrated Danish design objects. But did you know, that the monkeys has been proudly crafted for Rosendahl Design Group at Brdr. Krüger workshop in Denmark since 1992?


Some of you may already know, that Hans Bølling is definitely my favorite Danish architect and designer. You can imagine how exited I am having an interview with Hans for the second time.

Hans Bølling was born in 1931 in a small town of Braband in Denmark. He visited Art and Handcraft School and after he followed his passion for architecture and graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Art Academy. During last years he designed a wide range of objects, furniture, living complexes and town halls.

Hans-BøllingPhoto credit: @Brdr. Krüger – Hans Bølling, world famous architect and designer.

Dear Hans, it is such a great pleasure to have you here. I am very happy to learn more about the Tray Table, I use every day in my home and love that much.

How did you get the idea of creating the tray table? Where did you get your inspiration for it?
Good friend of mine had a shop. He was selling all of my wooden figurines. One evening he drove me home and he asked me to design a small table to easy to fold and flat pack. When I came home, I suddenly got an idea and I made that table. During the night I finished it, next day I went to Copenhagen. I showed him the table and he love it. And he asked me for more and I had to make the drawing after that.
And the inspiration? I had to make money at that stage of my life. Inspiration comes from that (laughing).

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You have designed the tray table on 1963 and it is still very popular today! What do you think, what is the secret of its great success?
I think, because of the simple and playful design.

You are working together with Brdr.Krüger since many many years. What is the most special thing for you about working with such traditional company over generations?
Yes, this is true. We are working together since long time. They have great quality and they become of part of my family.

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How would you describe the tray table in only 3 words?
My wife Søs says “Impossible to live without a Tray Table”

What do you wish Brdr. Krüger for the future?
I hope my children will continue to work with them in the future.


Photo credit: @Brdr. Krüger – Tray Table in the making at the Brdr. Krüger workshop.


My appreciation goes to Mehlika and Jonas Krüger for making this {Design Portrait} possible. And for sure to Hans Bølling for his precious time and for telling us the story of the Bølling Tray Table. Thank you! Tusind tak!

Greeting from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire





In collaboration with Brdr. Krüger