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LUCKYBOYSUNDAY is a Danish brand of contemporary luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings to make every home a cozy place. Since 2007 LUCKYBOYSUNDAY represents a combination of top quality and edgy loud speaking design. Unique and with high recognition value!


All of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY’s knitted designs are manufactured in Bolivia, a country which is known  for its precious alpaca wool for centuries. Everything has started in the creative head of talented Camilla Kørschen, a 42 years old fashion designer. Camilla lives in Copenhagen with the boyfriend and his 11 years old boy.  She loves to spend time with her friends and family at home. Because home is her favorite place to be. What makes her smile? Imagining what dogs are thinking! Camilla love traveling and observing the people, new countries, new food. For example French food and sea food, this is what she loves most. And actually she could live everywhere, but if she had to choose, it would be somewhere warm or Japan/Korea all year around. An absolutely no go for her is putting labels on other people. If you want to make her happy, bring her flowers in dusty rose or dusty blue.

She has a small team at LUCKYBOYSUNDAY. But it’s also a team of friends, so they all enjoy hanging out after hours drinking beer and chatting away.And they laugh every day at the office – so these days she feels a little bit lonely spending all the work hours apart during these crazy times.

luckyboysunday PR-shoot 2015Photo credit: @ LUCKYBOYSUNDAY – Camilla Kørschen, owner and founder.

Dear Camilla, you are the designer and founder of Luckyboysunday. How did you get the idea of creating your own company?
I always imagined a lot of characters and made dolls since I was a kid. They were actually a lot more scary back then, imagine that! So after an internship in a Bolivian knitting factory, it made sense to start my own doll company. I met all the most talented knitters in Bolivia, and they kind of understood my sense of design and made all the drawings come to life. No need to mention how obsessed I got with the alpaca wool – it’s just the softest!


Nulle, the rabbit, is now known and loved all over the world. Congratulation! And there is a nice story behind, right?
Thank you:) Yes, I got a grey rabbit baby for my 9 years Bday. I loved him straight away and named him Nulle. It doesn’t mean anything and is kind of a girlie name, as I thought he was a girl at first.
The first time we had to leave him at home going away for the weekend (the neighbour fed him), I wanted to give him one final goodbye-kiss, and my head got stuck in the cage door.


LUCKYBOYSUNDAY is sold in 38 countries around the world, everthing is made with care and responsibility. Please tell us more about the production process in Bolivia.
We have worked with a small company since the beginning. It’s owned by a single mother of my age. We once did a development project supported by the Danish government to improve our partners’ company. The manufacturing process in Bolivia is quite different from any other place, so it was a great experience to have the opportunity to give something back to the same people that made our dream come true.


What can you say about the philosophy behind the brand?
We have worked with a small company since then beginning, It’s owned by a single mother my age. We once did a development project supported by the Danish government to improve our partners’ company. The manufacturing process in Bolivia is quite different from any other place, so it was a great experience to have the opportunity to give something back to the same people that made our dream come true.
We mainly work with baby alpaca, and it’s as soft as cashmere. But really whether it’s faux fur, velvet or yarns, we only work with the qualities we adore. We even have a cashmere project coming up, uhhhh, sooooft:)

How would you describe Luckyboysunday in only few words?
We design best friends because we believe that everybody should have a best friend – with or without ‘mistakes’, everyone’s welcome.


Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your own home?
I looove our pillows – they are so addictive – and when you wrap yourself in our little blankets, it’s just like a warm hug. A doll somewhere in the house is essential, this way you’re never home alone.

You are making beautiful collaborations with other brands. A nice example is your collaboration with ooh noo. Can you please tell us more how that came alive?
We love making new friends in our field – it’s so much more fun to work together with other companies, more brains simply think better.
It’s also a chance to celebrate other companies, that we adore, and to strengthen our friendship with them.
Nina from ooh noo contacted us as she needed some teddy bears to accompany her own nice wooden products. She has been a loyal customer for many years, she owns pretty much all of our products and we love it! Nina is the best.

Petitsouriredesign1Side-eye Sophie is a collaboration between LUCKYBOYSUNDAY and ooh noo


Is there any story connected with Luckyboysunday you would like to share with us, which you have experience during last 13 years?
Oh, we have so many special memories. But the first one I came to think of was during last year’s fair Maison & Objet in Paris – a Japanese journalist came to find us (an elderly gentleman in a suit). We met him in 2016 at the same fair, and after the first meeting, he published an article in a Japanese newspaper. Ever since he went looking for us at the Paris fair to give us the printed magazine with the article, and luckily last year he found us. It was so touching and our eyes teared up a little. And he was super relieved to find us, as he said: “I thought you were angels by now” (meaning: dead:)

What could you tell us about your future projects or wishes for Luckyboysunday?
We always have huge dreams and cool plans for the future. This year we will be launching new collaborations with exciting new products. Sorry sorry, but for now, we cannot say more – but we promise you will be the first to know:)

Petitsouriredesign4Another cute cuddle friend is the Lazy Dog, again a collaboration between LUCKYBOYSUNDAY and ooh noo

Dear Camilla, thank you so much for this wonderful interview, which made me smile so often. From now on I will imagine what Lazy Dog is thinking and for sure I will think of you that time.

All the best wishes for LUCKYBOYSUNDAY and I am excited to hear more about the news.

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire





In Collaboration with LUCKYBOYSUNDAY