{DESIGN PORTRAIT} Hiccups Design

First time I saw the beautiful furniture from HICCUPS DESIGN I was immediately in love with the wonderful curves and shapes.

Danish design made with love for the little ones. What should I say? J’adore!



I am so happy to welcome Casper Rohde Nielsen, the founder and owner of this brand.

Casper is 34 years old and had an education as a Carpenter, which woke his interest in minor woodworking and processing new ways to solve everyday problems. Currently he is trying to finish his education as a leader. Hiccups Design has been a big part of his life since 2017. Currently he is working together with a poster company to develop a poster stand and other things to use as store display. He lives in Denmark with his wife and 3 children (William, Bertram and the youngest Elliot 1,5 year. They made him smile every day, but also drive him crazy with the Covid-19 quarantine. But hey, this is what we all experienced last months, right? 🙂
Casper is happy when his customers are happy. Together with his very supportive wife and a small team he puts a lot of love in HICCUPS DESIGN. This Work is part of his hobby. Additionally the small part of his company make teak Wood for yacht/boats. What he likes most is being able to create and develop his ideas, maybe at the small café at the beach, where he goes sometime for tea or coffee. An absolutely no go are people who do not speak the truth, always being late or can’t keep what their promise. The music he listen often is from some great Danish artists – Lukas Graham, Suspekt, DAD.
His favorite designs are everything from the 1950-1970, e.g. Hans J. Wegner (doing furniture in mostly oak) and Børge Mogensen (there is something fascinating about a designer who can create a design that still fits into the 21th century style). Favorite furniture is 45 armchair from Finn Juhl.
A few years ago ( before Bertram and Elliot) Casper and his wife took a trip to Marokko – best vacation ever, he says. And Bali have a very peaceful atmosphere. So let us hope that  also this year Casper and his family can have a summer break in a beautiful country of their choice!

casperPhoto credit: @HICCUPS DESIGN~ Casper Rohde Nielsen, the founder and owner

Dear Casper, why „Hiccups“ as a name of your brand?
The word ”Hiccups” appears as something innocent and childish that we carry with us from the baby in the stomach until we grow old and gray – I like the sound of the Word and together with the stringent text type (fond) it was a perfect fit for a design with soft values.


Are you working alone or do you have a team?
Until last year I had a guy who did all of my Pictures, webside etc. This is something what I am not so interested in and I definitely need someone to do this at some point(laughing).
Beside that I have 2 employees to help prepare and send the furnitures, we have a Carpenter who do the production of the furnitures when needed. I am also currently trying to find sales staff. But for now I concentrate on my examination.


Please tell us more about the story of your company from the very first idea till now!
Hiccups Design started from a desire to create functional designs that spark joy for years on end.
I personally sketch and create our designs at the workshop, resulting in a special bond with all the products.
Thorough workmanship and sustainable quality also lies at the heart of everything we do. The same applies to our choice of joinery, where our priority was to find a partner who shares our values. As a result, all our products are handmade to the high level of quality we represent.
Our materials are carefully selected by their function and quality as well as recyclability considerations. This is one of the reasons why we use Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum, a product which creates a beautiful and individual look and which is also made from natural ingredients.
Where our materials are sourced from is also very important, that is why our wood suppliers are FSC-certified. This ensures that our suppliers rely on sustainable forest management practices with a focus on working conditions as well as the local flora and fauna.
When you buy a piece of furniture from HICCUPS DESIGN, you get something that merges beautiful design and usability with a good conscience.


Where do you get your inspiration?
When I go for out for a walk or run , it could be in the forrest. I put inspiration and ideas together. When I have the right thought I am able to draw and optimize every little detail and at some point I´m ready to create a demo model to test and change.


Which part of handmade process you love most of all?
Definitely the process from idea to drawing to test – Love it.

Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your own home?
The Freja chair, each time I look at it I still get surprised.


Could you please describe HICCUPS DESIGN in 3 words?
Sustainability (the FSC certification should be by law if you ask me).
Handmade from Carpenter (very important that the quality are something else).
Danish developed and designed (by me).


Is there any story connected with Hiccups you would like to share with us?
Doing my time developing Hiccups Design, testing materials, products, catalog (finding the right people to talk to)I am pretty surprised about the helpfulness that other companies contribute when you explain where you are in the process. And for that I am very thankful!


What could you tell us about your future project or wishes HICCUPS?
If everything goes as it should, Hiccups will be in much more countries – It should be!
I think we offer something else for the children, a great peace of design suited for every room of a house.


Thank you so much Casper for this interesting interview, I enjoyed it very much!

All the best for HICCUPS DESIGN! And for sure for your exams 🙂

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire





In a collaboration with HICCUPS DESIGN