We all want to have a beautiful, comfortable and stylish home. We all invest a lot of time in searching unique furniture or decoration. And for sure we are all agree that the basis for a nice home is a clean, good smelling and tidy household, right?

Did you know that it is scientifically approved that there is a high correlation between tidy, clean home and good mood? You didn’t know? Ok, I just invented it right now, but this is definitely true for me. This is why I was very curious to try out the good looking products and look behind the scenes by HUMDAKIN.


HUMDAKIN is a Danish brand for household and cleaning products inspired by the Danish shores and forests. Their products contain Nordic ingredients such as sea buckthorn, salvie or  chamomile. They have a unique, very pleasant and also long-lasting scent. By choosing the ingredients pay attention on following criteria – they should be being gentle on the skin and for our planet!


It is such a great pleasure to welcome Camilla Schram here today, the charming lady behind HUMDAKIN and founder of the brand.

Humdakin_52Photo credit: @HUMDAKIN~ Camilla Schram, the founder and owner

Camilla is 31 years old and has an education in innovation and entrepreneurship. She lives with her husband & 3 kids – and King, their office dog, of course! In her life everything turns around HUMDAKIN and her family. An absolutely no go for Camilla is a messy home (smiling). From the cleaning activities she prefers vacuuming! Her children makes her smile every single day. She enjoys to have a great dinner with the whole family on a sunny day in their own backyard. On her table you can find beautiful peonies, her favorite flowers. And her home always smells of chamomile and sea buckthorn from her own HUMDAKIN collection.




Dear Camilla, how did you get the idea of creating your own company? 
While I was studying law, I had my own cleaning company to support me financially while I studied at the university. I loved id and all of a sudden it went so well that it spent more time cleaning for my customers than studying and reading. I loved it, creating a safe space for my customers so much but saw a gap in the market for some cleaning products that were mild but still effective. And as I have always been interested in interior design, I wanted them to be atheistically pleasing and a styling element as well. This resulted in 5 years development and, ultimately, Humdakin.


Please tell us more about the idea behind it? 
Humdakin mission is to bring some everyday luxury into the everyday life of people all over the world.


How would you describe Humdakin in 3 words?
Clean, safe and mindful.

Petitsouriredesign6“The textile collection is made of GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton and is inspired by Camilla’s grandmother’s techniques from the 1950s offering a wide range of colors within each category to fit every preference and household.”

Does your work and your brand influence somehow the way you grow and educate your children? 
It’s important for me to create a safe space for my kids, which for me is amongst other things equal to a clean home, which is also what HUMDAKIN is all about. I always let them be a part of my cleaning routine and we all enjoy the time we spend together cleaning. This way they are having fun with it and it won’t be a chore you don’t want to do.


Do you have any advises or little secrets to easily keep the household clean and fresh?
Spend 5-10 minutes everyday with the spray bottle and a damp cloth to clean surfaces in your house. This will help keep your home feeling fresh and clean. Also, having fragrance sticks in your main room help prolong that feeling!


Is there any story connected with Humdakin since 2016 you would like to share with us? 
All in all, it has just been such a crazy ride the past 3,5 years! From 2016 till now we are in more than 300 retailers all over Europe and in 20 markets. On top of that, being a mom to 3 kids under the age of 5 just means that we are never sitting still!


What do you wish for Humdakin in the coming years? 
My wish is to keep learning from me about cleaning and developing more mild, effective and allergy-friendly cleaning products to all my amazing customers who are with me on this ride. We want to keep making cleaning something that we want to do, and we believe that this is what HUMDAKIN can do!


Mange tak dear Camilla for this nice interview and your advises.

I wish all the best for the coming year and looking forward to see where your journey goes.

Kind greetings from sunny France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire





In collaboration with HUMDAKIN