Flower tea

After some very nice weeks I am happy to be back!

How was your summer?

A true socially distanced summer I would say. I could not help myself to make the second flower tea, a special corona edition.

Flower Tea- Corona Edition

I was offline during last weeks to spend this precious time with my family, to read books, build sandcastles with my kids, drive bicycle, sew & crochet, try new recipes, play with our rabbits, enjoy the view from my window, look at the sunset…

REPEAT! 🚲 🏖 📖 🍰🎶🥂🌅🏸🍒 🐰 💦🌊

The way I like to be on the road

Let us start the new school year! Keep in touch here and on Instagram.

Have a great September,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire