OK Design is a Danish brand, which manufacture and design simple and poetic furniture in Danish design tradition, combining elegant shapes and silhouettes to create light and clean design pieces. The main material is metal which is combined with PVC cord, terrazzo and canvas in order to make durable, functional and beautiful objects.

OK Design was founded by the Danish couple Jacob Fasting (44) and Kirsten Krogh (40).

Jacob began his entrepreneurial life at an early age, founding the first bicycle courier company in Mexico City. After 5 years his adventurous spirit led him down to a new creative path; together with architect Kirsten Krogh he launched Oficina Kreativa in 2007, today known as OK Design.

At the time they started their business Kirsten and Jacob bought a Volkswagen Beetles and drove around Mexico. They visited many places, by the beautiful Pacific cost, where you find these cool string furniture. Inspired by them the couple reimagined and introduced into Europe the traditional woven furniture from Mexico, namely the Acapulco chair.

Photo credit: @OK Design ~ founders Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krogh

Today they do in-house designing as well as working in collaboration with international designers. The label is based in Copenhagen and is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Jacob and Kirsten live 20km outside of Copenhagen, Denmark with their two sons. They live in a small, modernist house from the 1960’ies. They love to decorated it very simply with a mix of old scandinavian design classics and OK Design pieces. The weekends they love to spend at their house in the woods, by a beautiful lake in Sweden. They usually go fishing, swimming and when it rains they play board games and watch movies with the children.

For many years they spent every winter in la Palma, a small Island in the Atlantic ocean. They loved it so much and in the end they decided to live there for a year. While living there Jacob and Kirsten stumbled upon an amazing house. It had been for sale for a while and it looked very abandoned but it’s potential was unmistakable. And: it had the best view on the Island! Despite its neglected condition, the tiles, the floors, and the spaces were beautiful. So they decided to buy the house. Now it is renovated with respect for its original style and history and decorated with a mix of old furniture and their own OK Design pieces. This unique place was named Stella Atlantico.
The house is decorated with OK Design furniture so it functions as a showroom and for photo-shooting as well as we rent it out.

All OK Design products are made in the EU. Product materials and work conditions live up to EU standards and regulations.

Because the products are manufactured locally, transport time and fuel emission is limited.
The only product in OK collection, not manufactured in the EU, is the Ama hammock which is handmade in Yucatan, Mexico by Maya Indians, under circumstances we have approved.

Photo credit: @OK Design ~ Ama hammock in Stella Atlntico

Dear Kirsten,  could you please describe your brand in only few words?
I would say simple, poetic, clean, durable, functional and beautiful.

Is there any story connected with OK Design you would like to share with us?
We got the idea of making our company when we lived in Mexico City. We were very young and only just finished our studies. We lived on the top floors of an old yogurt factory in the center of Mexico City. The house belonged to an artist friend of ours and he used it as his studio. I remember coming up with the idea for the OAS dining table among his rough and rusty metal sculptures in that old beautiful house. While living there we went on a road trip. We bought a Volkswagen Beetles and drove around Mexico. This was where we discovered the traditional mexican string furniture, which later developed into the Acapulco chair. It was a time of freedom, adventure and creativity.

What do you wish for OK Design in the coming years? Can you tell us more about your future projects/dreams?
I find the project with Stella Atlantico very interesting. I would like to work more with the whole space and not just the design object. By profession I am an architect and I find it very interesting the emotions, perceptions and experiences you are able to create by working with the whole space, the architecture and the surroundings. I have this idea of making simple structures/cabins in the woods in Sweden where you are as close to nature as possible. People can come and stay for the weekend or for the week in beautiful architecture that highlights nature and the experience of being in nature.

Thank you so much for this interesting insight into the story and adventures of OK Design. I wish you all the best for the coming years and let us keep in touch.

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire






In collaboration with OK Design