{DIY} ~ Twisted candles

As I have shown you this old candle DIY with the dried flowers and leaves on my Instagram last days, I got such a great feedback from you (MERCI!), that I decided to make a little addition on it.

The twisted or spiral candles are very popular at the moment. I wanted to try it out. It is better to search for a tutorial before starting, right? But I am more “tutorial maker” than “tutorial reader”, ha ha 🙂

So I tried it through “trial and error”. And here we go with all do’s and don’t do’s.


What you need:

  • hot water (not boiled or to hot)
  • a pot (or something similar to put in the hot water and later on the candles to become soft)
  • the right candles (and this is the tricky part of this DIY, see more below)
  • a wooden or marble board (or any other you have at home)
  • a rolling pin

First I thought it will function with all candles. Wrong! Candles are different. The ones which are not fully colored and have a just a layer of color, but are white inside will be damaged. Not every fully colored candle will function as well. But actually why? I could not find an explication! Later I have read by a friend Vanessa @prinsessavanessa that it is important to use paraffin candles. The others are stearin candles, they will not soften in the hot water or will break while trying to turn them to a spiral (my experience). But how to know which candles are from paraffin and which from stearin, if we bought them long time ago? I just tried from what I had at home. Some of them worked out, some of them not. If you are going to buy some new candles, just pay attention on this detail!

How to make:

  1. Please put your candle in the warm/hot water and let them soften for a while. 
  2. Put your soften candle on the board and flatten the part of the candle you want to twist, like in the middle of the candle for example.
  3. Put the flatten candle in the hot water again and wait for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Put the candle out of water and twist it while holding the candle in both hands.
  5. When you are happy with the result, put the candle in the cold water for 1-2 minutes to stabilise and makes sure it is not crooked.

PetitsouriredesignDIYCandles2PetitsouriredesignDIYCandles3Voilà, this is it!

The most easy candles to twist are the natural beeswax candles. I can highly recommend to try them out.


Have fun making your own twisted candles and please show me yours!

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire