{DESIGN PORTRAIT} insta(dt)treffen


Since august 2017 Nina Jahn and Mark Pohl invite a group of bloggers and influencers from all over Europe to Weimar, Germany. Once a year a great event called insta(dt)treffen takes place in the Design Apartments Weimar, following the motto #instafriendsstyletogether.
Nina and Mark bring different creatives together in one place and want to share together what the digital interior community connects – the enthusiasm and love for interior styling. Besides the main styling event they offer trend lectures and workshops, where the brands get the possibility to represent their products in a relaxed atmosphere.
The participants are parted in smaller groups and have the task to restyle defined areas of the Design Apartments! Mark and Nina provide a pool of sponsored products to fulfill this task. The whole event takes place during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is an event with a great balance between meetings talented people, work & styling and for sure a lot of fun!

But how they get the idea of this cool event? I wanted to know more and invited Nina and Mark for an interview.

Nina und Marc

Photo credit: @Bianca ~ a talented graphic designer and photographer

Dear Nina, dear Mark, how nice to have you here today:-)

Please tell us how did you 2 come together?
We first met at an award ceremony from Callwey Verlag in Munich.
After that we decided to attend some invitations of brands and fairs together and share our experience with interior.

And how did you get the idea of creating insta(dt)treffen?
After several meets and greets and invitations to influencer events in the following months we discussed the presenting of brands and how they present new collections or products to influencers. We figured out that the main problem with the events is an inauthetic environment.
So I made a suggestion to make the Design Apartments Weimar a new place to gather interior bloggers and influencers for a weekend and get in touch with each other and products of attending brands. It ended up in the idea to invite interior-addicts, give them design products and style the items in the rooms of the apartments.

Is there a division of tasks between you 2?
Not really. The event is a 50/50 planning between us. We split some organizing tasks, but the interior we present at the events is a collaboration of both our ideas.

Could you please describe insta(dt)treffen in 3 words?
Instafriends Style Together

Is there any story connected with insta(dt)treffen you would like to share with us?
The events feels kind of a class meeting but with long term friends. The atmosphere is always very intense and collectively. At the first meeting nearly everybody ended up in tears and although the event ended at 4pm a group of people was still sitting until the evening.

Any wishes for the coming years? 
Meanwhile we have a lot of people who hope to attend our exclusive event, which is simply not possible.
It only takes place with about 12 people. So we decided to throw a big interior party at the Bauhaus Museum Weimar in 2021.

Thank you so much for this interesting insight and details about the story of insta(dt)treffen. Here we go with the last event!


Insta(dt)treffen 2020 took place in 02.-04. October with guests coming from Germany, Austria and France.

Day 1

All participants of the event were invited to stay at the beautiful, freshly renovated Hotel Elephant. The most exciting part for me was the beginning, the moment I met all these wonderful people I knew from social media, but have never seen before. We had the Get Together with champagne reception and a wonderful dinner in the Hotel Elephant Weimar. 

Hotel ElephantPetitsouriredesignDay1gPetitsouriredesignDay1hPetitsouriredesignDay1iPetitsouriredesignDay1jPetitsouriredesignWeimarPetitsouriredesignWeimar1

Isn’t this the coolest boomerang ever? Made in front of Hotel Elephant by wonderful Lilly from Stilles Bunt

Day 2

After a delicious breakfast at the Hotel Elephant, we had a nice walk through the Weimar, a city full of history in every corner. Soon we arrived at the Design Apartments Weimar. A place to be and the best location ever!

PetitsouriredesignDay2bAt the beginning of Day 2 we had nice talks and presentations in the Apartment:

Kolorat – we had a talk with Monja and a practical color session with Sebastian, who showed us how to repaint a dark blue wall with a light Kolorat paints. Kind of magic! It was such a pleasure to meet the charming couple, the founders of Kolorat. I have collaborated with them some years ago and was really happy to meet them in the real life!

Gira – Anna and Sylvie from Gira Germany made a beautiful and interesting presentation about the new SENIC lighting systems.

Auping – Anna from Auping talked about sustainable bedroom, in particularly about the circular mattress and the smart recycling process.


As we have finished the first part of the day, Nina and Mark finally told us about the most existing point of the insta(dt)treffen (they kept it secret all the time, imagine this) – STYLINGS! After the announcement of 3 teams and 3 styling corners we had a tasty lunch and the best coffee, thanks to Röstbrüder and die Brotklappe.


There were 3 different stylings to make: #kitchencorner #cozycorner #bedroomdecor

Please find the whole transformation in my instagram story HIGLIGHTS insta(dt)treffen. Hop over to see the stunning changes. See the beautiful transformation and an amazing “in the making” short movie by Bianca (#kitchencorner). Here I would like to show you the results, here we go!

(To decorate and style each of these 3 corners we were provided with beautiful products coming from the sponsors of the event)


In each team we had 4 persons. This was the corner of my team: Bianca @schoenfabrik, Franzi @frau_nilsson_, Sophie @sophiagaleria, Arminka @petitsouriredesign. This was really a huge change and great transformation. The light kitchen fronts and walls were repainted, we have replaced the old hanging lamp, put the clock on the wall, styled the table with freshly backed bread made by Bianca, with new ceramics and wooden accessories.

PetitsouriredesignKitchenCorner9PetitsouriredesignKitchenCorner1Product from following labels: Form&RefineArchitectmade –  NYTA LightingRaumgestaltDottir Nordic DesignKolorat

Oh, this was much fun! I had the best team ever, yeah :-)We managed all challenges, we had a great support by Mark and we were very happy with the result. Time to enjoy a cup of coffee together, right?



Meet the team: Miri @mikaswohnsinn, Friederike @hereinspaziert, Josefine @wohnklamotte und Franziska @frances. In my opinion this was the styling with the highest level of challenging moments. But the result is really stunning. The wall was dark blue, as I mentioned before. You can hardly recognize this room, if you saw the pictures “before”. Great job ladies!


Products from following labels: AupingCaussaArchitectmade –  NytaKolorat


Meet the team: Alex @alexanderpaar, Lilly @stilles_bunt, Julia @mammilade, Sascha @elbankerdekoration. Oh, these colors are so amazing! And the print spreads holiday feelings. Combined with the soft textiles it became a cozy and comfortable room,  a place to enjoy calm hours nicely wrapped on this daybed with a great book and delicious tea. 


Products from following labels: Made by Hand liv interiorStool KlausVINTA SeriesDottir Nordic Design.

Dinner time 

In the evening we were surprised with tasty dinner in a magical atmosphere! Thanks to Udo for delicious dinner and Juliane from Tischverzückt for the most beautiful table setting!

Table setting

Photo credit: @Monja ~ the founder and owner of Kolorat

Day 3

The nights were short, the morning coffee and the wonderful breakfast in the Elephant Hotel really needed. We have started the day in a calm atmosphere in the hotel and were looking forward to visit Bauhaus Museum, both I can highly recommend.


During our visit in the museum, Nina and Mark prepared our Flowerdome workshop. In a wonderful relaxed atmosphere and good music we have created a flower cloche using beautiful dried flowers from Vasenglueck.

This way we have created something beautiful together and each of us could take a cloche full of memories home. A great idea and a wonderful souvenir from insta(dt)treffen.


Unforgettable days and wonderful memories… Thank you for having me!

See you all soon,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire