{DIY} Natural dyed fabric and spring paintings

Today I would love to show you a nice DIY with natural dyed fabric and some paintings. I have shown you already how to dye fabric using natural materials like avocado, bay leaves and more. Here you can find the German tutorial. And here I have shown you how to make an ombré look with natural dye.

All you need is:

  • white fabric (cotton or linen)
  • some natural materials to dye your fabric (I used bay leaves this time)
  • a pensil (fabric marker or just edding pen)
  • a frame

Petitsouriredesign1Petitsouriredesign2Petitsouriredesign3What you need for the natural dye:

  • white fabric (cotton or linen)
  • avocado peel
  • bay leaves
  • red cabbage
  • curcuma
  • water
  • some pots

How to make this DIY:

Step 1:

Put your ingredients in the pot with 1L Water (for example avocado peele). Let it cook slowly for 45 Min – 1 hour.

Step 2:

After boiling you will get beautiful colored water. Put the ingredients out of the pot and put your fabric in the colored water. Let it stay 10-20 minutes and check the color. If you are happy with the color, put the fabric out or keep it in the water for a while.

Step 3:

As soon as  you get the color you would like to have, put your fabric out of the water and let it dry. Please note that you will get a brighter color as soon as you fabric is completely dry. 

Step 4:

When your fabric is dry you can start with the paintings. Please note that you can not wash the fabric, if you use a common edding pen. Please use fabric marker in the case you want to keep your DIY for longer and wash it one day.

Petitsouriredesign5There are so many possibilities to create a unique wall decoration using natural dyed fabric and painting on it some spring inspired stuff, like this floral paintings!



I wish you a lot of fun with this DIY! Please show me your versions on Instagram and tag me please. I am looking forward to see them all!

Sunny spring greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire