Christmas DIY Inspiration Nr.6

It’s all about stars and wreaths today.

Please enjoy some decoration ideas. And if You wish, have a look here fore some more inspiration from the last year.



Beautiful mix of eucalyptus and different berries.


Minimalistic wreath with or without berries.



You can put the eucalyptus/ olive branches just between the two embroidery circles.

In this case You don’t even need a wire to fix your greenery.





I wish you wonderful week-end!

And I hope to see You tomorrow…

Stay inspired!

Best wishes from France,

Arminka (Petit Sourire)


Christmas DIY Inspiration Nr.5

Today I would like to show You a very simple candle decoration, that will accompany You during the season of Advent.
So what You need:
– 24 candles
– a pencil or a brush
– paint (any color You prefer, I used gold)
That is all!
 OK, to be honest You need a little bit time and patience.


Please try out the way (pencil or brush) it is easier for you to paint the numbers.


These are handmade candles, so they don’t have to be perfect. But if You still don’t happy with the result, You can easily clean it up with a wet towel/tissue and paint it again.

So no stress!



Et voilà, now You are ready for the countdown!


Have a beautiful week-end!

I hope to see You tomorrow…

Stay inspired!

Best wishes from France,

Arminka (Petit Sourire)


Christmas DIY Inspiration Nr.4

Today, things are going to be very easy, but the result is going to be sweet. So I hope You will like it.

What You need: branches, some christmas decoration, yarn, and a beautiful cord.



Et voilà the result!


I like the combination of Petit Sourire Pillow Noël and this wreath in the evening mood! And You?


Wishing You a beautiful day and see you tomorrow…

Stay inspired!

Best wishes,

Arminka (Petit Sourire)


Christmas DIY Inspiration Nr.3

Do you know Nisse coming from a very beautiful scandinavian tradition?

Nisse or tomte is a mythological little creature and is very known in Nordic Folklore. They normally appear in the Christmas season in our homes. But what they need to come in is a magical door! This door is also called Elfdoor.

It is a lovely tradition to craft a little door and stairs and to decorate (with everything you have created) a corner of your house. Nisse will come, alone or with his family and will help you in the christmas season, sometimes he will bring you little gifts or maybe do some funny things like hiding your clothes, putting too much sugar in your tea or something else.

You can imagine so many stories you can tell to your children.

Enjoy this little DIY full of magic and imagination!




Kennt ihr schon die skandinavische Tradition, in der es sich um Zauberwesen, so eine art Kobolde oder Wichtel handelt?

Traditionell sind Wichtel kleine Wesen, die im Wald leben. Sie helfen gerne den Menschen und Tieren, aber bleiben meistens in ihren niedlich kleinen Häuschen. In der Weihnachtszeit kommen sie aber auch gerne zu uns. Wenn man für sie eine kleine, hübsche Ecke vorbereitet, eine kleine Türe an die Wand zaubert, dann wissen sie sofort – in diesem Haus sind wir herzlich willkommen.

Es gibt viele Variationen dieser Geschichte. Wir basteln die Türen für jedes Kinderzimmer mit den Kindern gemeinsam. So verbindet man eine tolle Geschichte und einige nette Bastelstunden. Es macht Spass und ist zugleich sehr aufregend. Am 1.Advent werden die Türen an die Wand angebracht und somit bekommt jedes Kind seine eigene Zauberwesen. Bei uns wohnt also eine grosse Wichtelfamilie!

Das schöne an dieser Tradition ist, das man sich soviel wunderbare Geschichten ausdenken kann. Und die kleine Wichteltür (auch Elfentür oder Feentür genannt) kann man täglich anders dekorieren. Man stellt den Wichteln etwas leckeres zum naschen, gerne auch Pilze oder Obst. Und wenn die Kinder sehr lieb sind, dann bekommen sie sogar kleine feine Geschenke. So versüßt man den Kindern die Vorweihnachtszeit und verbringt viele Abende mit leckerem Tee und wunderschönen Geschichten.

Heute zeige ich Euch wie man eine Tür und dazugehörende Treppe selbst basteln kann. Was noch dazu gestellt werden kann? Alles, was das Herz begehrt! Die kinder haben da immer tolle Ideen.






Et voilà – Elfdoor, Feentür, Nissedør, Wichteltür



See you tomorrow…

Stay inspired!

Best wishes,

Arminka (Petit Sourire)

Christmas DIY Inspiration Nr.2

Today it is all about these little cuties.


You can use them for example like a garland in every size You wish. It is a beautiful decoration and You can made them of beautiful paper or fabric.

Or you can sew them (very easy, also possible without sewing machine) and fill them with sweets or little presents.


No matter what material You would like to choose, You can use the following pictures as a template, just print and cut them, that is all.



Every child is unique – so for my 3 children I have sewed 3 unique “Nikolausstiefel”


They look so pretty on the wall, don’t You think?


See you tomorrow…

Stay inspired!

Best wishes,

Arminka (Petit Sourire)



Christmas DIY Inspiration Nr.1

I love the number 21! So this is the perfect day for me to begin a Christmas DIY column!

From today on and every single day till 1.Advent (3.December 2017) I am going to show You lovely and easy DIY ideas to make your pre-Christmas period more beautiful!

So there will be a lot of inspiration for You!

A little wreath with a candle




Et voilà, the result !!!


See you tomorrow…

Stay inspired!

Best wishes,

Arminka (Petit Sourire)


Autumn – One day in Brittany

We have autumn holidays and we are enjoying these beautiful family days.

Today I would like to share with You my/one day in Brittany.

A foggy morning walk 



Who could imagine that there are going to be 24 ° in the middle of October ! So time to jump into the sea!!!


Back home in the evening we enjoyed this breathtaking sunset.



So happy and thankful for this beautiful life!

La vie est belle!!!

Enjoy every minute…

Warm regards,

Arminka (Petit Sourire)