Natural dyed flowers & leaves

Once you start dyeing in the natural way, it is impossible to stop this creative process.

But wait! This story started earlier… During last winter I wanted to have colors and flowers suiting the season, so I was thinking how to turn some brown grasses into white (because once I saw them as a shop window decoration). I was thinking about fern and other grasses I had in my atelier and suddenly I had the idea to try it with “eau de javel”, the so called javelle water.  I have put some fern and grasses in a big jar full of javelle trying to bleach them. Some hours later: absolutely no effect! But hey, I can wait! And this was the best idea, because many hours later I saw the discolor process.


During the summer I wanted to dye again and try to dye some leaves and dried flowers. When you dye, everything seems to be possible and that is really fun. Actually more the way than the result, I guess. I have shown you already many ways and materials, do you remember? You can find some natural dyed eggs here. I have shown you here the wooden balls, they are stillt so beautiful (many months after). And for sure the very first experiments with fabric here.


Today it is all about natural dyed flowers, leaves and grasses. I had really no idea what will be the outcome. But I can tell you, I love it now!


So you can use for example a bleached fern or other grasses, which are faded in natural way in the forest or at home. In this case your dyed treasures will become more beautiful and colorful!


I have created a “Summer Version” in these colors using red cabbage, avocado, red cabbage + baking soda.



And an “Autumn Version” using mostly bay leaves, curcuma and avocado.


Which one you like more? Tell me on Instagram, I am very curious.

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire