When two creative engineers and a designer come together , then something beautiful can be the result. MINUUK has been founded by Hanna, Michl and Amelie. Since 2015 their heads are full of ideas for furniture and home accessories and MINUUK is the best place for these ideas and wishes to come true.

By MINUUK you can find unique wooden accessories and furniture. The Design is different, unusual and durable. Important values consist of  a conscious attention to sustainability and ecological implementation when buying furniture. For our health and the earth. They encourage the customers to make a decision for high-quality, durable and beautiful furniture. A wonderful commitment due to their values is an investment of 10% of the profits in European forest projects.

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Some background information about the founders: Hanna 30, Amelie 28, Michl 30 years old. Hanna and Amelie are married and there are 4 kids in the family of MINUUK. Hanna and Michl has BA Ing. Wood technology, Amelie has a Diploma in Communication Design.
 Their hobbies are gardening and being creative. A good meal and good music makes them smile. They like most to be in the mountains and enjoy the nature. An absolutely no go for the MINUUK Family is to use a furniture just for few little years. During the week end you can find them in the nature around their city. For the vacation they prefer countries and places such as Ireland, Denmark and the Alps.

minuuk-portrait-geschaeftsfuehrer_sw_webPhoto credit: @Minuuk – Hanna, Amelie, Michl, the founders of MINUUK

How did you 3 come together?
Hanna and Michl studied together in Rosenheim. There, they had the first ideas of designing and building special furniture. It took 3 years of development of our ideas and thoughts to get to the point where MINUUK is now. Amelie is Hannas sister and at some point she just fitted in with her good choices of design and her skills.

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And how did you get the idea of creating your own company?
We needed a tool to get our ideas out of our minds. We wanted to do our own stuff, in exact accordance with our instructions and view to certain things.
 So we had a free hand to the design, to the implementation and to the sustainability of products.

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Is there a special meaning for MINUUK?
No, there’s no meaning behind. We just liked the sound and look of MINUUK.

What is the main idea behind MINUUK?
We want to build sustainable furniture for the young people. With a fresh design, that stays for years. The products are with no compromise in the case of sustainability also in the whole process behind them.
 We hope that our products make fun and happy for years. The customer, the environment and us.

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How would you describe MINUUK in 3 words?
Sustainable, timeless, wooden.

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Which of your products you don’t want to miss in your own home?
Definitely GERO. He is a clothing rack and the best furniture when you have an issue with clothes bunches (laughing).

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Thanks to you three for this insight and the possibility to get a closer look at the MINUUK. This was a great pleasure to learn more about you and your label.

We wish you all the best for your future plans and projects.

Sunny greetings from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire




In collaboration with MINUUK